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The History Behind Al Jodoin:
Al comes to the Home Inspection business with a great deal of knowledge. He began his career in the building industry at a very young age, working on building sites across Alberta.

Feeling the need for more adventure, Al later joined the Canadian Armed Forces. He started in the Land Forces where he combined his experience in building with the wealth of knowledge he was exposed to in the military.

Shortly thereafter, Al moved into the Air Force where he became an Engine Technician. Now armed with a new trade, Al decided to become a Flight Engineer.
As a Flight Engineer, he continued his studies in the building industry while also traveling the world. When in Canada, he ran a subcontracting business in home renovations in a rural area of Nova Scotia. Wells and septic systems were common to the area, and Al developed a deep understanding of their inner workings. He installed wells and septic systems, and also installed and maintained a number of swimming pools in the region.
After moving to Ontario, Al left the Canadian Armed Forces after 25 years of service to pursue a career at Air Canada as an instructor and Flight Safety Specialist. Once in Ontario, he became involved with century homes and furthered his career in the building industry by taking a home inspection course and becoming an inspector.

Al then choose to share the knowledge he had gained by becoming an instructor at the Certified Adult Training Services school.

Al now resides in Oshawa with his wonderful wife, four children and six grandchildren.


Al is a "Certified Master Inspector".


For more information, please view this short video below of
Dave Sachko from Keller Williams Energy Realty interviewing Al Jodoin:

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