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Types of Home Inspections
Each Home inspection shall cover the entire exterior of the home, including openings, property grading and roof. The Inspection shall also cover all accessible structural elements and mechanical components inside the home; i.e.: plumbing system, electrical system, heating system and attic.

Pre-Purchase Inspection (Full Inspection)
This is a comprehensive home inspection to reduce the risk of the unexpected and costly surprises. This provides "PEACE OF MIND" in your purchase decision.

Pre-Listing Inspection
An Inspection conducted on the Homeowner's behalf to reduce the risk of unexpected and potential lost sales by either completing repairs, or reflecting repair needs in the sale price.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)
An Inspection that provides a comprehensive deficiencies list that the builder of your new home must correct under the New Home Warranty Program.

One-Year Warranty Inspection
This Inspection is conducted prior to one year anniversary date. This is a comprehensive inspection and deficiencies report for you to submit to your home builder before your warranty expires.

Walk Through Inspection
Similar to a Home Owner's Inspection, except more cost effective. In this Inspection, the Client makes all the notes, instead of the Inspector. There is no written report exchanged, therefore the cost is significantly lower. Click HERE for more information of Walk Through Inspections!

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