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Who Needs Home Inspections

If You Are Buying A House . . .

  • A Home Inspection teaches the Buyer about the house, how it operates, and the proper maintenance
  • It helps the Buyer understand and unexpected, or expensive repairs
  • Gives the Buyer a written report, on the repairs and maintenance - prior to closing

If You Are Selling A House . . .

  • A Pre-Listing Inspection prevents possible last minute surprises to the Seller
  • Gives the Seller a chance to complete repairs to possibly increase the property value, or sell faster
  • Helps to prevent lengthy negotiations due to possible repairs

If You Own A House . . .

  • An Inspection can help an Owner protect the largest investment of most people's lives
  • Will educate the Owner on how the house works so that a healthy and safe environment for the occupants of the house can be maintained
  • It can make the Owner realize the necessary repairs, or maintenances, required on the house
  • Will help the Owner understand future repairs that may need monitoring

So, in summary, we hope that we have demonstrated that anyone that owns, or wanting to own any structure, should have an Inspection conducted. Remember, any investment on a house should increase in value - not decrease!

Proper maintenance done yearly, is far less expensive than rushing to complete repairs just prior to selling. Every year people have their vehicle checked and maintained, and it is a far less expensive investment, compared to a house! Believe us, a house can cause health and injury problems just as fast, if not faster, than a vehicle, so - BEWARE!

Do YOU Need A
Home Inspection?

A & L Home Inspections recommends that any purchase of a structure be inspected. Inspections provide the buyer with peace of mind about their potential purchase. We also suggest that anyone selling their home have an inspection to fix any imperfections, so that they can get the maximum value for the house in question. Our Inspectors will visually inspect every available aspect of the home.

Why Hire
A & L Home Inspections?

We have worked in the residential construction industry for years. We insist that our Inspectors pass the required courses and complete extensive field training. A & L Home Inspections is a premier, quality home inspection company located in Ontario, with Inspectors available to assist you at your convenience. Nothing will be overlooked, and rest assured, when our inspection is complete you will be able to make a qualified decision regarding your purchase. In addition, A & L Home Inspectors  work for YOU, the homeowner - not the sales representative.


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